Funding idea through Etsy

How to raise money
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Funding idea through Etsy

Postby dart31 » Sat Dec 22, 2012 1:40 pm

So I am a new member(just joined this week) but have an idea for raising money I thought I would share.

What would people think of creating an page on Etsy to sell items that members create and donate to the cause.
So if you are working on a project that you think people might be interested in buying instead of just one you make 2 and donate the second to the group to be sold.

This would probably be easiest for some of the smaller things people work on but I have found it is usually easier to make a second of a project after you have figured out the process with the first one.
The money raised could be put towards a certain new tool purchase (like the laser cutter) or just general money.

I would love to hear peoples thoughts/ideas.


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Re: Funding idea through Etsy

Postby metis » Mon Dec 24, 2012 10:30 am

we've talked about having some sort of consignment shop in the past, and the 2 big concerns were having the appearance of members running a business out of the shop (tax shelter = bad) and having someone to manage the inventory and staff if for sales, but etsy and donation kinda deals with those.

i don't see any big issue with it, other than it'd need someone to manage the site, keep track of the donated inventory (we'd also need to find somewhere to store it) and deal with shipping. members could donate a piece, suggest a price, get a receipt for donation, and then it'd get tossed on line for the store manager to deal with. (if we had a store manager)

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