how to move a bridgeport into your basement

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how to move a bridgeport into your basement

Postby boltz » Fri Nov 18, 2011 10:37 am


I think it was the image of the Bridgeport on a homebuilt trailer made of two by sixes and lag screws and hitched up to a Toyota that really endeared me to this page. Only a man with a heart of stone could be unmoved by the sight of The Little Red Tercel That Could.

Hopefully none of you will ever have to move a Bridgeport into a basement anytime soon. Hopefully the Hack Factory will have one soon. Still, I hope you can all draw inspiration from this account when facing a seemingly impossible task.

Here's the disclaimer from the top of the page:

This web site outlines how I tackled some projects, while doing my best to be safe, legal, and all-around sensible. Just because I could do these things without crushing any limbs, burning down the house, letting the dogs out, destroying my car, annoying the local gendarmerie, or running afoul of Town Hall, does not guarantee that you will be able to do the same. While I hope that the material here will prove helpful, you emulate my procedures entirely at your own risk.

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