Quarterly Cleanup and the Faire

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Quarterly Cleanup and the Faire

Postby Judeling » Wed Feb 01, 2012 12:59 pm

The Quarterly Cleanup is set for Saturday March 31.
This is the most important cleanup of the year as it begins the physical preparation for the Faire.
crowd by Z8U95C, on Flickr

And that was when the place was empty. We are looking to significantly up the size of the Fair so space will be at a premium. Just getting people through the doors will take some effort.

So please be aware of this and try and limit the number of in progress projects left at the space. While every effort will be made not to disorganize your storage space and projects. If there is no parking ticket that has been updated within the current quarter you are leaving the decision of if it is junk or not to someone else.

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