Any FIRST Robotics team mentors?

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Any FIRST Robotics team mentors?

Postby jwhite » Fri Dec 28, 2012 9:50 am

My younger son has joined his high school Robotics team to compete in the FIRST Robotics competition (website).

The students build fairly sophisticated tele-operated robots to compete in an invented arena. Each year is different; last year was a basketball gathering + shooting game.

The student team has a lot of volunteer mentors; parents, community members, geeks who just think it's fun. This will be my first year as a mentor.

I was wondering - is anyone else at tcmaker an FRC mentor? I thought that the Hack Factory could be the perfect place to help construct a practice area.

We won't know any more details until kick off day on January 5th. The catch is that we only get six weeks to build a robot, so any work done would have to be done in a hurry.

Anyone interested in working together on this?



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