Fabrication Assistance

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Fabrication Assistance

Postby ericthor » Thu Nov 08, 2012 5:00 pm

I am planning on purchasing a mid 1930's motorcycle frame and modifying it to carriage a newer engine. Having minimal welding and fabrication skills mainly due to the lack of the more expensive tools, I figured I would check in here to see if any of the members would consider helping and assisting in my project. A couple friend and myself toured the space earlier this week and I was very impressed with the setup, individuals, and general vibe I got from the place. A couple of us are definitely planning on becoming members.

I recently built a bike last winter that developed several skills but didnt really require much fabrication. Most of the welding that was done was done by my neighbor while I sat back and observed.

I could of course send the project off to someone to have it professionally done but this is something I really want to learn to do and have the satisfactory feeling of knowing I did this myself.

Below is a link to a write done by an individual know as Irish Rich. This pretty much entirely details the project I would like to embark on.


Any members out there interested is assisting or maybe discussing my project?

My email address is marvintheminnow@gmail.com
phone number 612-868-8603

I look forward to becoming a member and plan on taking the welding class as soon as possible.


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Re: Fabrication Assistance

Postby otto_pjm » Sun Nov 11, 2012 12:26 pm


Just as an FYI, if you don't get responses here it's do to the low traffic by members, especially those in the welding and metal working areas. Talking about your plans with those in the space would be a great start. Also I think welding and welding equipment check out classes are held monthly, I know there was one yesterday.



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