What do we have? An equipment and skills inventory

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Re: What do we have? An equipment and skills inventory

Postby Gyvven » Mon Jan 07, 2013 11:16 am

Tools I can loan:

Nearly full woodshop;
Jet hybrid cabinet/contractor saw w/ 7' fence legs and Woodworker 2 blade
Grizzly 6" jointer
Rockwell 14" bandsaw
Pneumatic nailers (framing, roofing, finish, brad, stapler)
Large router table with Incra Jig and dust collection
Cummins 36" lathe, no chucks (used once)
Drill press (1 industrial, 2 bench top)
Mortising attachment for drill press
Palm and belt sanders

Metal bandsaw (needs a new gear)
4.5" grinder
7" variable speed sander/polisher
Nearly complete tube bender (needs dies and hydraulics)
Welders (MIG, stick, flux core)
BFH (AKA "attitude adjuster")
automotive tools, body hammers and dent puller, etc.

LP/Waste Oil casting foundry (small)
RepRap Mendel Prusa

parts I can donate/loan:
Several large transformers for amplifiers and such
Small steppers
Misc. hardware
Dave Gingery books

3ds Max
Simulation CFD (want to see your stuff in a wind tunnel?)
Home construction
Automotive (engine swaps/rebuilds, light fabrication, painting, autobody repair)
Metalworking, kinda
Electronics (hardware and PCB fab, no coding... yet)
Sustainable construction (strawbale, earthship, cob)
Renewable energy (PV, solar water heating, wind...)
And now, rapid prototyping (3D printing)!

I'm willing to teach anyone anything I know, or learn anything you know.

Instructables is my crack.

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Re: What do we have? An equipment and skills inventory

Postby Odegard » Sat Jan 12, 2013 9:42 am

Jon, next time you're at the shop, lets talk. I'd love to house one or two of the shop tools you mention. Specifically the router table and the press with mortising attachment.

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