Micro Center has a boatload of electronics and DIY stuff now

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Micro Center has a boatload of electronics and DIY stuff now

Postby wammie » Mon Apr 29, 2013 6:59 pm

I'm sure some of our members are aware - but just in case you're not and haven't been to Micro Center lately - if you're into DIY electronics, robotics, rockets, Arduino/propeller/stamp micro controllers, Make:/Sparkfun kits, etc., Micro Center in St. Louis Park now has a large assortment of kits and parts ranging from discrete components to breadboarding parts to full Raspberry Pi development kits!

Perhaps I'm out of the loop and a this is old news, but I went window shopping over there yesterday and I was extremely impressed.

Now of course Micro Center is going to charge a little more than what you might pay if ordering yourself online or something, but I suggest we support this local source, buy from there as much as possible, and keep this part of their business going!! It's close and if there are problems with anything you buy I'm sure they'll assist with refund/exchange.

All of this fantastic stuff is inside the gaming section, at the left and middle area of the store as you're entering the main door.

This kind of local parts source is just what can keep our local maker community thriving. Spread the news!!

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