DC-KIII Laser Cutter


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The last laser cutter class was on Thursday, December 27, 2012 at 6:30 PM. When a new one is offered, you can sign up on the Eventbright Laser Cutter Class page .

12/29/12 Update: Added a Tips and Tricks section to this Laser Cutter Wiki page. Feel free to add to it, or if you don't have editorial access, just email me or reply back to me in the Forums and I'll add it in. Installed four color fan on radiator and put in new digital thermometer. Plastic air assist hose was stiff in the cold and causing distortions in the cutting, which was fixed by replacing it with the fabric hose on the airbrush compressor.

11/2/12 Update: Installed radiator for the laser cutter cooling system.

10/20/12 Update: I bought and installed CorelDraw, for which the MoshiDraw software has a plug-in, on the laser cutter computer and so we now have good vector image (vs. .bmp and .jpg raster image) use capabilities. I have been using DXF files from CorelDraw successfully using MoshiDraw 2012, the new software that controls the laser cutter. Adobe Illustrator files (.AI) can also be used. When loading .DXF or .AI files in MoshiDraw 2012, remember to set the file dialog box to “show all files”.

10/2/12 Update: LAEP delayed until more funds freed up (just bought an industrial building and land). Talked to David about doing a fund raising project to get a more powerful laser.

9/5/12 Update: Started working on the Laser Area Expansion Project (LAEP).

8/20/12 Update: The new laser tube has been installed.

Tips and Tricks First

  1. Others have also noticed that the laser cutter works better when the power knob is not turned all the way to the maximum level. I'm not sure why that is, but it seems to be true. I was able to cut .22” acrylic after that with the knob in the 2 o'clock position, but it didn't cut through in the max position.
  2. Try raising the material up above the bed using some scrap.
  3. Run your job on some cheap cardboard first.
  4. CorelDraw MoshiDraw Plug-in: Select all objects you want to cut and then click the middle icon in the plug-in window in CorelDraw to export to MoshiDraw 2013, which will start automatically. The order it cuts objects in is that it cuts the last added object first and the cuts first added object last. You can reorder the order of objects using the object inspector window in CorelDraw.
  5. Turn off the thermometer and all power strips when you are done.
  6. This laser cutter does have it's idiosyncrasies. Be aware of them!


Safety First

  1. Do not open laser without shutting it off first.
  2. Do not destroy laser by running it without the cooling system operating. Ensure that the cooling water doesn't get too hot. Ensure there is sufficient water in the cooling water jug.
  3. Vent laser to outside (put end of blue ventilation hose out window and check that the other end is firmly attached to the ventilation fan)
  4. Don't operate laser before first attending instruction class. This laser works a little differently than some other brands.
  5. This laser cutter does have it's idiosyncrasies. Be aware of them!



Upgrades and Improvement List

Authorized (trained) users.

  1. Doug
  2. Adam
  3. Jude
  4. Sean
  5. Steffin
  6. Don
  7. Tony
  8. Jen
  9. Bil
  10. Bob
  11. Ben
  12. Kelly
  13. Michael
  14. Jonathan
  15. Jeremy
  16. Cory
  17. Scott
  18. Sam
  19. Derek
  20. Brian
  21. Matt
  22. Chas
  23. Alex
  24. Wayne
  25. Gabe
  26. Scott
  27. Fred
  28. Peter
  29. Sebastian

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