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As we move Twin Cities Maker forward as a community, project are organized by the Board, Shop Managers, or individual Members. Here is a list of Community Projects and their status:

Continuing Work

Project Department Manager / Contact
Outside Maintenance
  • Weeds in Beds Trimmed
  • Move Bicycle Rack Regularly for Mowing
ALL George
Inside Maintenance
  • Keep Inside Trash Cans Emptied
  • Clean Sinks (kitchen, 2x Bathrooms)
  • Classroom Swept

Large Projects

Project Department Manager / Contact
Computer Lab Update 2017 (in Process) ALL Scott and Becca
Tool Inventory and Documentation (in Process) Metal, Machine, ArtiFactory  ??
Member Storage Update (may be multiple)
  • "Cubby" Shelves (in Process)
  • Uniform Pallet Racks
Water System Update (may be multiple)
  • Pressure in Classroom, Cleaning Spigot/Drain (in Process)
  • Back pressure from Hot into Jepsen Steel
  • Slop Sink near Metal Shop
  • Bucket Station for Mop Buckets
ALL  ??
Basement Update 2017 (in Process) Artifactory Kyle
Front Lobby Refurbish (in Process)
  • floors, bathroom, furniture, etc. is included
  • Finish Lighting upgrade to LED with same lights + covers
ALL Chris, Scott, and Becca
Small Parts Storage (in Progress)
  • Totes/Shelves
Wood Shop  Jon / Zac
Classroom Refurbish (in Planning) ALL  ??
Machine Shop Reorganization 2017 (in Planning) Machine Shop George
Laser Room Repairs
  • e.g.(Walls, Admin PC in wall, AC upgrade, etc.) / Relocate to better space?
ALL Scott?
TCMaker Web Site(s) Update (plus finnish migration of old Wiki) ALL  ??
Security and Access System (may be multiple)
  • Door Access (need code + enhance resilience)
  • Outside Lights / Security Cameras
  • Major Tool Activation/Tracking on Member RFID Cards
ALL  ??
Scary Bathroom conversion to ? (CNC Room, Lathe Room) ALL  ??
Refresh Space Allocation with designated "aisles" ALL  ??
Basement Bathroom Rehab ALL  ??
Facility Air Handling ALL  ??
Outside Patio ALL  ??
Plasma Table ALL  ??
Roof Leak Remediation ALL  ??
Vending Machine Relocation ALL  ??

Woodshop Projects

Link to Dropbox List


  1. Finishing Room (Complete)
  2. Member Storage Reorganization (Complete)
  3. 4x4 CNC Rehabilitation (Complete)
  4. Woodshop Central Vacuum System (Completed) 9-30-17

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