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The Twin Cities Maker (TCM) space has been in desperate need of an area for paints, finishes, and chemical work that would:

  1. Have minimal amounts of dust
  2. Vents noxious odors outside the building
  3. Captures particulate matter without leaking into the building
  4. Be portable for relocation inside the existing space or a different space (if TCM changes locations)
  5. As simple as possible to build so that a construction will not be dependent on a small team to complete the work

At the request of the Board of Directors (BOD), a committee was formed in September 2016 to explore designs and options.

The specific request from the BOD was to create a space with the above requirement and to specifically exclude the option for this to be a “VOC Paint Booth” that would require permitting and special safety precautions.

The current design, is constructed mostly of identical panels for walls and ceilings. This allows for expansion, contraction and relocation.

The initial budget for the construction was $3500. However, the current pricing could totals higher as some of the components are dependent on donations but options still exist for potential cost reductions.

Work on the Finishing room includes:

Area Description
Cleanup - COMPLETE Cleanout of the existing "Server Room".
- COMPLETE Relocation of the Server Room equipment to the new server room in the basement.
- IN-PROCESS Re-store or dispose of detritus, projects, and equipment coming from the prior Server Room (and it's surroundings).
   > Identify servers in Member Storage for disposal     (Brandon).
   > Move shelf parts to top of safe.     (George)
   > Move 3-phase tap boxes to top of safe     (Jon, George, Rick)
Space Preparation - COMPLETE Demolish old Server Room
- COMPLETE Extend west wall to yellow line on floor.
- IN-PROCESS Drywall east and west walls     (George, Rick)
- Paint east and west walls (including classroom wall) with trim (but not classroom door).
- Install corrugated roofing/framing above drywall up to ceiling
Build Room - IN PROGRESS Build initial 2'x10' panel with template (+ finalize design)     (George, Rick)
- Source panel, filter box, & double door construction supplies and pre-cut
- Construct 23 - 2'x10' panels
- Construct 2 - 2'x10' filter boxes
- Construct 1 - double door panel
- Remove window-style A/C unit and replace with air exit panel
- Assemble base finishing room
- Source interior (floor, walls, fixtures) finishing supplies and install
- Source remaining electrical (wire, switches, blowers, hoses, junction boxes, etc.) and install

Mop bucket spigot

Eyewash Station