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Recommended settings for a variety of materials. Please add to this list!

Material Etch Settings Cut Settings Notes
Poplar, 1/4" 25 pwr/100 speed 100 pwr/40 spd Lower the speed for a deeper etch. Use orange cleaner to get rid of the sticky sap residue left behind.
Poplar, 1/2" 25 pwr/100 spd 32 pwr/14 spd For cutting, move the Z axis up 0.1" from focussed
Acrylic, 1/8" 2 - 8 pwr/100 spd 8 pwr/15 spd
Drawing paper
0.2 pwr/100 spd
0.5 pwr/100 spd
Transparency film
0.5 pwr/100 spd
Plywood, 1/4" 25 pwr/100 spd 40 pwr/100 spd Use orange cleaner to get rid of the sticky sap/glue residue left behind.
Ceramic tile 60 pwr/40 spd
Beware -- the laser spot is screaming bright!
Leather, ~1/8" 1-2 pwr/100 spd 20 pwr/70 spd As for tile, the laser spot is blinding. Stinky -- let the chamber clear for a couple of minutes before you open it. Cut edges will have an ashy residue.