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== General Information<br/> ==
== General Information<br/> ==
*<big>About Twin Cities Maker<br/></big>
*[[About|<big>About Twin Cities Maker</big>]]
*<big>Governance and policies<br/></big>
*[[Governance|<big>Governance and policies</big>]]
*<big>Contact information</big>
*[[Contact_Information|<big>Contact information</big>]]
== Membership<br/> ==
== Membership<br/> ==

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Welcome to the new Twin Cities Maker wiki!

Please be patient as we migrate information over and get everything set up. If you can't find something here, it's probably still in the old wiki.

General Information


  • Becoming a member of Twin Cities Maker
  • New member information
  • Meetings


  • The Hack Factory
  • Shop departments
  • Shop rules and FAQ
  • Parking permits, parking tickets, and tool tags