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Image by bridotcom (and yes he is looking at you Theo)

We have decided to migrate our static front page to a blog, and use it to post what is going on at Twin Cities Maker. Everybody involved in TCM will be able to post things related to the group including their personal projects. Since a bunch of the people here also have blogs of their own we are making no attempt to limit the posts here, meaning that some of the post you will be able to find elsewhere on the internet.

If you are an active member of the forum (sign up if you’re not) we will grant you access to register and post stuff here.

The old posts will be added again to the site but there was a weird thing going on with the mouse cursor when we imported them. The cursor would disappear when it wasn’t being moved, a attribute that I could not immediately figure out, but determined that it was somehow an artifact from the old blog . You can see what I am talking about if you follow that link. *Note to anybody who would know, what is going on there?

With that introduction lets start blogging!

2 thoughts on “Front Page Blog Now Live

  1. Well I’d sure LIKE to get some folks’ blog posts going, but I don’t seem to be set up as a local WordPress mod or admin yet… ahem

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