TC Maker @ Pumping Station One

I was lucky enough to get out to Pumping Station One the hacker space of Chicago early this summer.

This is the main area, yea, PS One has two levels!

The space was still in it’s infancy but it was starting to come together, and most importantly people were there and they were making things and talking and sharing ideas about making things.

It's all about the hops.
It's all about the hops

I attended a brew course in which some of the members of P S one were working out what the their official brew should be, the only consensus was that the brand if there becomes one, should include XKCD’s  Ballmer Peak below:

Apple uses automated schnapps IVs.

Some more pictures:

The hang out/ lounge area.
From the outside
From the outside
Making an electric bike in the back of PSOne
Making an electric bike in the back of PSOne
Under the "second floor".
Under the "second floor".

Hey Pumping Station One how is that brew coming?

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