High Fashion Low Voltage

Learn about micro controllers and clothing at the same time at the “Science Museum”. The people at the Science Museum in St. Paul worked with Make TV to hold Make:DAY a while back, and I am glad that they are continuing with the maker events. Now if we can only convince them to put their collection of “Questionable Medical Devices” back on display.


Make your fiber art shine! Learn how to integrate working LED lights into clothing, art quilts or other fiber art creations. Using an affordable microcontroller called a “Lilypad”; you can make clothing with an energy of its own. This tiny computer and battery pack can be stitched in to your creations with conductive thread, letting you make soft circuits to control a tiny light show. Beginners are absolutely welcome; no computer programming or sewing experience necessary. Assembly and programming expertise will be available to help you troubleshoot. Class fee includes Lilypad and electronic components; you supply the clothing or fabric you would like to “light up”. Materials fee $125, is include in the class fee. Co-sponsored with the Textile Center.

When: Saturday, October 31, November 7, 14, 21

Time: 9a.m.-noon

Location: Science Museum, Learning Technologies Center
Ages: Adult
Course Code: LAFVL1022
Fee: $269, $257 mbr
Instructor: Janet Groenert; Learning Technology Center Staff

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Anybody know anything about this sponsor the textile center?

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  1. Yeah, the Textile Center hosts people and organizations that are interested in keeping alive the traditional methods of making clothing and other textiles like quilts, etc., and also people who try to find new ways of putting things together. My mom’s been doing stuff with the Minnesota Quilters group for the past several years there.

    http://www.textilecentermn.org/ (textilecentermn dot org, just in case my URL gets filtered out.) They’re in the Prospect Park neighborhood of Minneapolis on University Avenue, a block west of General Nanosystems.

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