It’s official! Twin Cities Maker will partner with Hack Factory of Minnesota to share a maker space. The members meeting resulted in a unanimous vote to merge with Hack Factory. The new space is located at 3119 East 26th St. in Minneapolis.

Starting January 1st, monthly dues will be $50. Membership will include access to the space and other benefits to be determined.

Full details on partnership structure, membership responsibilities and opportunities, etc. will be resolved going ahead. We’ll announce further information as we have it. Both the Twin Cities Maker and Hack Factory names will be retained in some regard.

2 thoughts on “Unanimous!

  1. The picture if anybody is wondering is of the first official meeting held at the new space. As you can all see there is not much there, most people brought their own chairs, but it’s a start and everybody is really enthusiastic so the up-coming winter months should prove to be quite awesome.

  2. Hi Paul,

    Do you know where to get this conductive thread you mentioned in a previous post? I want to make my guy’s gloves work with his iphone touchscreen (and maybe give mine the magic as well.) I found it on a web site, but have no idea where to obtain this stuff locally. I’m in Minneapolis so could go anywhere around here. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer, erica.

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