Get your key to the kingdom this Wednesday!

This Wednesday night, we’ll be passing out keys to the Hack Factory to those who have paid their dues and become members of Twin Cities Maker.

We’ll be asking for your February dues, plus a $50 membership deposit.  $20 of that deposit is for the key fob itself; our landlord will charge us that much for lost fobs.  The remaining $30 is to help pay the deposit on the space; if you choose to terminate your membership, we’ll refund that to you.

If you plan to come, please give us a heads-up, so we can get enough fobs.  You can e-mail me directly, mike dot hord at gmail, or post a comment here or on the forum.

Let the hacking begin!

Mike Hord

President, TC Maker

3 thoughts on “Get your key to the kingdom this Wednesday!

  1. I’m really happy to see that we’re giving the open access policy a try. It seemed like we were trending towards locking access down pretty tight and it’s hard to claim to be a community space when usage is metered by the presence of a subset of the membership.

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