Welcome to Chiphacker

Chiphacker is a collaboratively edited question and answer site for electronics hackers – regardless of platform or language. It’s 100% free, no registration required.

It’s like a mash up of a wiki (collaboratively edited) and Reddit (vote system), and I really like it. So far I have asked a few questions and got some quality answers. I recommend all of you to try it, as they are currently in a sort of beta stage trying to grow the community and they are encouraging people to do that by not making them register.

Further, the site is impressively coded. Who ever did this went extra lengths to make the whole experience of chiphacker seamless, they also added this little badge system for contributing which is quite fun.

Also if you look their mascot you can see that it has been endowed with three arms. Anybody who has soldered can attest to the luxury that would provide, surely with that guy leading the site it headed for great things.

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