In The Future @ The Hack Factory

If you haven’t been to the Hack Factory yet, above is a little video of the place, and here is another more poorly done video that shows the downstairs area and what the space looks like during the Wednesday Open House Meetings, which we everybody and anybody to attend.

TC Maker is starting to announce more and more events as we start to get things together, for those new to the group we are a bit over a year old, but rather new with this whole physical space thing, that said we are really excited and have seen some great things come from the tangible world. Here is what is coming up in the near future.

  • Wind Turbine Class: This filled up before it hit the internet (Watch the calendar for more info)
  • Synchronous Hackathon: The cats at are calling for a worldwide hackathon in hackerspaces the weekend of March 20th, 2010,  join in and make stuff.
  • Welding Class:This is an ongoing class that started last month and filled up to capacity the first time around, look for future classes here.
  • NSFW: This will be the first event called Now Showing From the Internet, it’s a spin off of a similar event from the people over at NoiseBridge
  • Handmade Music Minneapolis: These guys have decided to go monthly after the response that we got at the first handmade event, and a dedicated site Handmade Music Minneapolis was quietly launched in the mean time.
  • Blender: This class actually starts on April 1st, it’s an introduction into the workings of Blender an opensource 3D animation suite.
  • Hackquarium: TC Maker was able to get their hand on the coveted and colorful Sugru fix it clay stuff, check it out before you put an order in.
  • Wednesday Open House: Check out TC Maker.

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