HacFac needs a MakerBot!

EDIT:  The drawing will be tonight, at 8pm CDT.  It will be streamed over Ustream- watch this space and the TCMaker twitter account for an address.

EDIT:  Ticket sales are now closed.  If you bought a ticket but haven’t received an e-mail informing you of your numbers for the drawing, or of a refund of your money, e-mail us and let us know.

The drawing will be Wednesday night, March 31, and will be streamed live over Ustream.  Watch this space for more information.

Shamelessly stealing Borrowing a good idea from our colleagues at AS220, Twin Cities Maker is putting up a raffle to fund the acquisition of a MakerBot.

Rules are simple: $5 a “ticket” (tickets are actually virtual- you’ll get entered into a spreadsheet and we’ll randomize a selection), 300 tickets are available, no limit (if you want to buy all 300, be our guest!).  Need not be present to win, nor a member of TCMaker (and membership is, of course, not going to improve your chances of winning).  We obviously can’t guarantee the delivery schedule (currently, they are on backorder until batch 14 is ready in mid-May; they are accepting pre-orders, but unless we sell out of tickets in record time, we will probably miss the pre-order bus, too).  Winner will be expected to pick up the prize from the Hack Factory- if you are outside of the metro area, we’ll drop ship it to you from the MakerBot mothership.

Buy your tickets via the usual Hack Factory payment methods: PayPal, or in person at one of our meetings with cash or check.  If you use PayPal, please make sure that you clearly state in the message that the money is for the raffle.  We’ll e-mail you back with a range of ticket numbers. Please do NOT use PayPal, as that would violate PP’s Acceptable Use Policy.

EDIT (3-24-2010  17:50 CDT): We’ll be selling tickets at tonight’s meeting; people out of town can e-mail us at twincitiesmaker[-at-]gmail.com and we’ll figure out a way to facilitate a distant payment for your tickets.

EDIT:  To be clear, the winner of the raffle gets a MakerBot.  This is a “one for you, one for me” thing- we’re selling enough tickets to fund the purchase of TWO MakerBots, and one goes in the Hack Factory.

30 thoughts on “HacFac needs a MakerBot!

  1. sarah, yes, click on pay dues to paypal us, make sure to include a note that the “donation” is for a makerbot ticket (or several)

  2. I live in the Netherlands. Am I eligible for the raffle?
    How do I get the prize in case I’m lucky enough to win?
    Last but not least, how do I enter?

  3. Would you be willing to let overseas people (I’m in the UK) buy tickets and pay for shipping if we won?

  4. Great! Good luck to everybody. Can’t think it will take that long to get 300 tickets sold. :- )

  5. Well, shoot! I’d have bought two but I’m not exactly close enough to pay in person. How about I make a “donation” and you write me down on that spreadsheet anyway? wink wink

  6. I’d love to join in the raffle, but I am not in the area – is it possible to send a check? Are you looking into an alternative to the Paypal option?

  7. I would love to purchase some tickets. Can someone let me know when we have a way of paying for them?

    Perhaps an address to mail a check to or something?

  8. I am interested in the raffle but not sure how someone from out of town can enter…

  9. Hi,
    is it possiblie to participate from a little further away than “outside of the metro area”? Further away like germany?

  10. You said you do not have to be a member of TCMaker to win, but now you say you have to go to one of their meetings to buy a ticket? How are we suppose to be able to win if we can not buy a ticket?

  11. Yeah, One of these would be really helpful since i don’t exactly have the money for one, but how do I pay because I haven’t seen any responses to any questions

  12. I’d like one, please! I’m in need of a MakerBot too! 🙂 Yes, I’m fairly far away, as well…

  13. Why did I get the information “Your IP has been banned” just for clicking on the “forum” link.

    Not very polite when visitors from abroad wants to see whats going on in your space.

    Kind regards

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