Cease using PayPal for raffle

Per PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy, we can’t sell raffle tickets through their service.

Please cease using PayPal as a payment method for raffle tickets; PayPal can, of course, still be used for paying your monthly dues or making regular donations to TCMaker.

We’ll be selling tickets at tonight’s meeting; people out of town can e-mail us at twincitiesmaker[-at-]gmail.com and we’ll figure out a way to facilitate a distant payment for your tickets.

6 thoughts on “Cease using PayPal for raffle

  1. I am game for the raffle. Send me an email for entry info or post one that i can respond to. Thanks

  2. I purchased one yesterday via Paypal, you can email be back using the email I provided here or point to where I can find your email address since I must be blind and can’t seem to find the link on the site…

  3. I also purchased via Pay Pal last night, $25 worth. What’s the plan? Are you sending refunds or will you be honoring those who already paid?

  4. “I purchased one yesterday via Paypal”

    “So for those of us that did use PayPal prior to this notice. Are we still entered?”

    “I also purchased via Pay Pal last night, $25 worth. What’s the plan?”

    What is your plan? My guess is that the $25 I sent via PP isn’t a part of the raffle, since I received no raffle numbers. Do you plan on refunding via pay pal?

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