MakerBot drawing closed

Due to what can only be termed overwhelming demand, we are closing the ticket sales for the MakerBot drawing.

Unfortunately, logistics are precluding us from arranging payment with all of you wonderful folks who have e-mailed or otherwise offered to buy tickets via non-PayPal methods.  We actually went a bit beyond the originally planned 300 tickets (~340), but shipping is going to be fairly pricey, and we plan to buy some plastic for both our machine and the winner’s machine to jumpstart the process.

Look for an e-mail in the upcoming days verifying the number of tickets we have you down for.  The drawing will be next Wednesday night at the Hack Factory- as is our standard practice we’ll have a Ustream feed set up for it so the whole world can watch.

Thanks to all who participated- this has been an outstanding experience for us and a wonderful reflection of the support the Maker community has for its own.  If you have any questions or concerns,  please send us e-mail at twincitiesmaker at gmail.

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