Hack Factory Five Minutes of Fame!

Hack Factory Five Minutes of Fame
We are going try out something new this month! It’s called Hack Factory Five Minutes of Fame! This will be held on May 20, from 7-9pm. This is like Ignite, but without the crazy sponsors and marketing folks! Anyone can submit on any topic they want to present on (Hacking street lamps, eating with a spork, Spock Sunset Pie, your newest Arduino code, how to make a better piece of toast, etc.). We will be screening the talks, but all topics are encouraged! This is your chance to get some fame, and potentially get other people involved in your project!

To submit this month send an email with the format below to me dave at drstrangelove dot net. As we get more formal this may change, but myself and Matt Mackall will be screening these topics. We aim to have 10-12 talks lined up for this fun filled night!

Hack Factory FMoF Application (Copy and paste into an email)

Name or Handle:
Bio (optional):
Outline or Complete set of slides (one or the other is required) – (PDF/Powerpoint/Keynote/OpenOffice/Etc.)

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