The Internet of Things

This coming Wednesday, @jmstriegel, @johnbaichtal and I will be having a little chat about “The Internet of Things”.

If you have an interest in this (either in making projects, speculating wildly on the future of embedded internet, or just listening to us pontificate), stop by and join in!  We’ll probably be getting started at about the usual meeting time of 7pm.

2 thoughts on “The Internet of Things

  1. Sorry I couldn’t chat more, but I did enjoy our brief convo. I’m liking the SMS bridge idea — you should whip up a proof of concept and I’ll blog it!

  2. Is there any chance you recorded this conversation? I can very rarely make it to such meetings in person, but I would love to listen to the audio from the discussion if it was provided.

    Maybe if someone has some audio equipment, we could make a podcast! could host the audio files. If I’m given raw audio, I’ll compress it and put it up myself.

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