Hacking Up a Laser CNC

We have been working on converting a CNC inspection machine into a CNC capable of using multiple tools.

CyberOptic CNC

The Y axis is only supported on one side, so the tools will need to be light unless, we can devise another support. At our last open house on Wednesday, we had a great hacker collaboration and not only got the machine to draw with a Sharpie, but trying some engraving with jtbarclay’s blueray burner. Here’s a shot of the engraving in progress.

Laser Engraving

Additional information can be found on our wiki: 3D Prototyper Project

6 thoughts on “Hacking Up a Laser CNC

  1. You mean I missed out on CNC laser action? ****! I guess I should have stayed later. Can’t wait to see this next time!

    Did it successfully engrave anything?

  2. Yes, I thought someone had a shot of the engraving once it was done. Jonathan I’m sure could take one, it’s definitely visible, and it seemed to do it correctly.

  3. Fantastic work, guys!!!! I couldn’t stay late on Wednesday to see the outcome and I so wanted to stick around! About the y-axis support: can’t this be corrected with a simple default offset in the CNC software which places the origin in the middle of our platform? Also, if the control signals here are rather standard, would we be able to try the ReplicatorG software to drive this machine as well?

  4. This is discernibly awesome! It makes me happy to see this project move forward, long live the doacracy!

    FYI I added a link to the wiki.

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