Hack Factory Cleanup Day, Saturday Sept. 11

Reminder that this Saturday is the Fall cleanup day for our space. Starting at 9 am we will try to organize and clean our space. The plan is to work on specific areas, with one person taking lead for each of the major areas. Right now only one person has stepped up and agreed to lead the Metal Working area.

This is your space and it needs your attention, we have to organize surplus/supplies, clean, build storage, identify items we still need to acquire and throw out some junk.

If you cannot make it Saturday, you as members, can access the space any time you want. Help by sweeping the shop floor, setting up PCs with Ubuntu for our lab, clean a fridge, sort the donations near the supply area, build storage for tools, surplus, stock.

A couple hours makes a dent, and it helps us show off the space to future members and visitors.

About Noon I will start a grill, so bring your grillables and we can enjoy our accomplishments and hopefully a wonderful Fall afternoon.

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