Woodworking at the HackFactory

It might seem at first glance that the HackFactory has turned into a woodworking shop. It seems that all the new wood has spawned an awaking of woodworkers in all of us. It has been great to see so many people working on such a variety of projects. Even those of you not familiar with woodworking have been making stuff.

With all these new found woodworkers comes dust. Lots of it, and its everywhere. Especially from stuff like MDF. And it’s not just in our area. Take a look at the metal working area after a few hours in the shop and you will see the sawdust on the table.

If all of us that are using the woodworking space do a little extra it will make a big difference for everyone. The time it will take largely depends on the time you spent there and the materials you were using. If you were there for 5 minutes and working with the drill press, it should only take you a few minutes. If you were there for an hour working with MDF, it will take you considerably longer.

We all have to try extra hard to keep the shop clean. Keeping the classroom and office space doors closed will help keep dust from these clean spaces. Make sure you take the time necessary to clean up your area and any tools you may have used. Vacuum the floor around any space you have used.

Keep in mind that some of those woods, MDF included, release vapors that are really bad for you. If you have a mask, you should be using it.

One last note, if your working on a project and need to leave the hack factory, take some time and clean up your space. That way if for some reason you don’t make it back, others can use the tools and table space and not have to clean up your mess.

If everyone spent a little extra time and clean up a little better than it was when you got there, it would really help.

-John • 651-252-4142

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