Handmade Music Update: HMMM4

A few updates to the upcoming Handmade Music 4.

Emily Iwuc is going to give a workshop on making contact Mics and she is working on screenprinting some awesome HMMM shirts (although I don’t know if they will be done in time.)

Will Dixon is going to give a workshop on guitar set up and play with his band Sorry OK.

Andres Varela is gonna show of his Handmade ribbon controller.

Matte Resist will be showing off his instruments from Resist Instrument Works .

Sorry OK are bringing along their friends from Bouncer Fighter .

Ryan from Food Team will be there but is postponing his performance/workshop for next month.

Please come, bring friends, and enjoy. You can bring your own instruments if you have them but it’s not necessary by any means, the night is free and open to the public, hope to see you there.

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