Simple Diet Coke and Mentos Nozzles

There are various plans for nozzles online but I wanted something simple and a bit more elegant (if that’s possible with PVC) than what I was seeing. I also wanted my nozzles to use as few parts as possible.

Here’s what I came up with:


* 1” PVC threaded to smooth adapter
* 3/4” PVC end cap that fits inside the smooth end of the adapter
* 12, 16 or 20 ounce plastic bottle of soda. Some caps work much better than others, look for the ones with numerous thin knurls. Regular Pepsi caps are good for instance.
* PVC cement.
* 5 minute epoxy.
* A nail or non tapered toothpick to use as a trigger. It has to be long enough to go all the way through the 1” adapter and stick out on both sides.
* String to use for the remote trigger.
* Drill.
* Drill bit the same diameter or slightly larger than your trigger.
* 3/16” drill bit.
* Hobby knife or Dremel with a spiral cutting bit.
* 2 liter bottle of Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi.
* Package of mint Mentos


1. You will be screwing the bottle cap into the threaded end of the adapter and securing it with epoxy. Before adding the mess of epoxy it is a good idea to make sure you cap fits and works the way you want. So screw the cap onto the empty bottle and thread it into the adapter part way. Make sure it screws in securely and doesn’t pop out, the wrong kind of cap will pop right out. Don’t screw it all the way in as it may be difficult to remove.
2. Remove the cap from the adapter and mix a quarter sized blob of epoxy, slather the epoxy liberally all round the adapter threads and then screw the cap back in as far as it will go. Let the epoxy fully cure.
3. Remove the nozzle from the bottle.
4. Cut out the top of the bottle cap. You can whittle away at it with the hobby knife but a Dremel spiral bit is much easier and quicker.
5. Drill a hole through the center of the adapter right at the top of the cap, it’s somewhat important to get this right since too low and the bottle and trigger will interfere with each other and too high will not allow enough room for the Mentos in the nozzle. Make sure the trigger fits through the holes without being too tight or you may pull over the bottle.
6. Drill a hole in the center top of of the 3/4” PVC cap with the 3/16” bit, it may be easier to get it centered if you first drill a pilot hole with the smaller bit.
7. Cement the cap into the smooth end of the adapter with the PVC cement. Apply the cement liberally all the way around the adapter in order to prevent any leaks or you may get some unexpected jets of Dt. Coke.
8. Tie or glue the string to the end of the trigger.
9. After everything is dry drop 4 Mentos into the nozzle.
10. Slide the trigger through it’s holes.
11. Screw the cap onto the 2 liter bottle.
12. Carefully play out the string being careful not to prematurely pull out the trigger.

Extra Credit:

* Play with different sizes and shapes of holes in your nozzle for maximum height and other fun.

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