Saturday, what a day

I stopped in at the Hack Factory today to work on a couple projects, and found it was chock full of Makers! Here’s a wrap up of what I and my fellow makers were working on today.

K. (don’t know your handle) came in to work on his CNC router. I checked out the movement of the gantry on the rails, very very slick. I want one.

Uptownmaker came in to put the finishing touches on an adjustable height platform for his offspring to stand on, so that she may more easily see what mum and da are doing in the kitchen.

JRSPhoto came in and did some more work on his magical mystical rolling tool cart. When completed, this will have lights, sound, power, a 75 horsepower Evinrude, and the ability to provide internet access to all of Lake Wobegone.

This maker, whos online handle I don’t recall, was putting the finishing touches on a storage system that will turn odd space into useful space in his attic. I also got to see the dvd storage component, and it was excellent. No pics of that, tho.

The gentleman in the black cap and jacket with the delicious beer is a good friend of mine, although I don’t know his forum handle, so I shall call him “T-Bone.” T-Bone recently finished the coolest project I’ve seen since I’ve been at the space. I’m hoping he’ll upload pics of it soon, but that’s his tale to tell.

Aside from style and wicked cool projects, T-Bone has also been striving to bring order from chaos. His most recent vanquished foe is “The Room Where Monitors Go To Die”, which is now almost empty, chock full of useful space. (If you spotted the ironically contradictory dichotomy in that last sentence, props to you! Have a biscuit!)

For Myself, I started working on a rack to hold my bows. I currently have 5 at the space, and they were getting cluttery. I picked out some wood, and started pegging stuff together.

The construction of the rack is done, all that remains is sanding and finishing. This is the first thing I’ve made that’s held together with pegs and glue. I picked out interestingly flawed pieces of wood, I hope the color remains different once stained.

Once I finished this stage of my bow rack, I decided to make use of our supply of drawer side stock. I need bookshelves, many many bookshelves. This was my first attempt at an 8 foot tall shelf. Things I learned doing this: Fractions suck, we should all switch to the metric system, and, never ever start a project when you’re already tired and have had some beer. This shelf will be good enough to hold supplies at the space, but I know my wife would veto its presence in our living room. Live and learn, mark II will be better.

Have fun, and if you havent come to the Hack Factory yet, you really should.

(If any of you want to let me know your forum handle, or would like to be addressed by your actual first name, PM me or comment and I’ll update the post. cheers!)

4 thoughts on “Saturday, what a day

  1. Pfft, and I know better than that. I’m blaming the vodka and koolaid for that one. Thanks for the heads up, John.

  2. Ork,

    Thanks for posting, looks like an interesting day.
    K with the CNC build’s handle is KellyM.


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