Arduino and Gmail Class This Saturday


Eventbrite sign-up 8 spots available. (Thursday update one spot open)

This is a beginner Arduino Class we are going to talk about and build a Gmail identifyer.

What are we building:

What to bring: Arduino + Laptop (the hack factory has a few computers available if you need one also). We will have some LED diffusers available to use but they are just re-purposed Easter egg lights  (since when did anybody put up Easter egg lights?) and are not that impressive.

What to prepaire: Get yourself a gmail account if you don’t have one and install the arduino software, Python, and Pyserial

What to know: It is not necessary to know Arduino or Python, you should have a working knowledge of how computers work and how to install things, the basics. You don’t need to have any programming knowledge, but if you did it wouldn’t hurt.

Price: This class will be offered free for all, but we will be asking for small donations to a Twin Cities Maker Starving Hacker Fund to help those of us who would like to be members but have fallen on hard times.

Who is teaching: Paul Sobczak Electrical Engineer and one of the people who started Twin Cities Maker way back in 2009.

Don’t have an Arduino: What a better reason to get one you have a few days to order one and still get it in time for the class. Ladyada might be out but you can find them on other sites if you search around a bit.

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