Locksport Tuesdays

It’s taken a bit of time, but we’re starting a monthly locksport open house.

What is locksport you ask?  Locksport is the amateur study of how locks and locking systems work, and how to defeat them.  It’s not how to break into a soda machine, but the study of the little mechanical puzzles that we rely on for so many things in daily life.  You’ve probably seen lock picking in movies and on TV, and may have seen bump keys on the news, but this is your chance to find out more about how all of that works, or if you already know, to maybe show off your collection of antique lever locks, or just hang out and chat with other lock enthusiasts.

The first Tuesday of each month we’ll have a brief presentation, and then mill about and pick, snap, rake, bump, impression, disassemble, and generally embarrass some little chunks of brass. We’ll kick things off on April 5th at 7PM.

This month I’ll present a brief introduction into locksport, touching on ethics, how various types of locks work, and a bucket of the varieties of exploits that can open them.  The evening is open to the public, with a small cash donation appreciated, but not required, from non-members.

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