Free Hot Metal Pour – Sat 8/6 – Franconia Sculpture Park

Community Collaboration Hot Metal Pour
Saturday · August 6th · 10:00am to 8:00pm

Come and be part of art history and the direct casting of metal sculptures. Cast metal artists from around the world converge on FSP for a two-week workshop at the end of July. On August 6th, we invite the public to be part of out cast metal artist workshop and create (or collaborate on) your own small sculptures. A nominal fee is charged to cover expenses. Molds are $25, $40, and $75. For more information: click here or email As our tradition upholds, Savage Aural Hotbed performs at 12:30 , 2:30, and 4:00pm .
There are a limited number of educational grants to cover the expense if you cannot afford the fee.
There will be two community scratch mold workshops on Saturday July 30th 1-4pm and Wednesday August 3rd 4-8pm.

Hot metal pour

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