E-Hack Night – Mon. 19th 6:30pm

Come out to the Hack Factory this evening for a few hours of electronic hackery.

  • Have questions on an electronics project or looking for inspiration?
  • Need help getting something soldered together?
  • Need fresh eyes on a problem that’s been driving you nuts?
  • Just looking to get things done along with other electronics folks?

Then this night is for you!

We’ll be set-up in the classroom. This hack night starts whenever people show up to hack, say around 6-?. I’ll be there by 6:30.

2 thoughts on “E-Hack Night – Mon. 19th 6:30pm

  1. I plan on being there! Hey, also it’s a good idea to put date and time in the title of the article, even if that information is in the text. In this case, it could be “Every Monday, 7PM.” Or 6:30, if that’s what it’s going to be. We need to make sure this is in our Google Calendar as well. I can add it if I know what the standing start and end times are going to be.

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