Shiny new storage*, shiny new storage rules

Update 2/6/2017: Storage rules are now available in the wiki. The links below have been changed to point there.

Hnewstorageuge massive thanks to everyone who showed up today to help clean out the member storage area! It hasn’t been this clean since we built the room (and I’m not sure it was this clean even then). Shelves have been rearranged, and we actually gained some extra storage space thanks to the discovery of some unused shelving pieces.

There were enough people at cleanup that we were also able to get a lot of work done in the wood shop and metal shop, so double thanks to everyone!

The member storage area is now open for you to start bringing your tubs and projects back in. We’ve got new rules in place, so here are the highlights:

  • Tubs need to be no larger than 29in x 27in x 19in. This is actually just a little bit larger than our previous loose guidelines, so check your tub. My old tub fits quite comfortably inside the new dimensions.
  • There’s no storage allowed in the aisles between the shelves. Anything found in the aisles can be tossed out at the discretion of the storage managers, so please don’t put stuff there!
  • You also can’t store anything in front of the door to the electrical room, or in the space for the door to be swung open. This area has been striped in red, you can’t miss it. There is no parking in the red zone!
  • Open floor space right now (that isn’t a red zone or an aisle) is available for projects. Remember to place a fully filled out parking permit on anything you place in member storage. Anything without a parking permit will get red-ticketed; red-ticket items will get thrown out after two weeks.

The new storage rules are available on the wiki. If you’ve got any questions, concerns, or comments on these new rules, please contact storage management at storage (at)

Again, thanks to everyone who helped out today!

* OK, so it’s the same old member storage area. Sure looks new though!

2 thoughts on “Shiny new storage*, shiny new storage rules

  1. Which dimensions correspond to this 29in x 27in x 19in? In a previous email I saw 29″h x 27″w x 19″ d. So for example, a small 29″ tall cabinet with a 27″ wide door that was 19″ deep into the shelf could be positioned with the doors to open, right?

    Also, its nice that shelf storage is containerized… what about floor storage? It is frustrating to find a pile of loose boards with a “feel free to move me” tag on them sitting in front of your shelf storage or blocking the path of a cart. Sure, I CAN move it, but then I’m responsible for finding a new, legal place to put it, and feel like a jerk if I put dents in the wood or some such.

    1. The dimensions should match up with a typical storage tub: 29in deep/long, 27in wide, 19in high. I believe the plan is to have tubs on the shelves “width forward,” but I’ll check with the folks drawing up shelving plans to be sure.

      We’ll be marking out pathways on the floor that need to be kept open. There are already signs up saying there’s no storage in the aisles between/in front of the shelves. Anything inside of those areas are out of compliance, and will be dealt with…

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