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Mig/Tig Welding Introduction (12/07/19-Gabrielle)

Instructor: Cory Gabrielle

December 7, 2019

Starts: 10:00 AM
Ends: 3:00 PM

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About the Class

This class, hosted by Twin Cities Maker, focuses on an easy and accesible introduction to welding. The goal of this class is to become more comfortable with welding, setting-up your machine, workpiece, teachnique, and common joints. Participants will also fabricate a simple project you can use your new skills on and take-home. Space is limited to ensure everyone gets quality time with the welding machines. We'll be working with only mild steel for this class.  

Who this Class is For  

People with absolutely no experience to people with some knowledge or experience welding will get something out of this class! Class information starts with the assumption that people coming in will have little to no experience and we build from there. 

What to Expect

This class is four and a half hours long. We'll meet early, have a brief break for lunch, and end around 2:30! Expect to get into some nitty-gritty of equipment use, metallurgy, metal preparation, and a little fabrication! We will also cover using metal shop equipment like the bandsaw and drill press.

Metal and tungsten will be provided. In addition to welding with metal coupons we will work on a small fabricated project. Twin Cities Maker will have personal safety gear available (welding helmets, gloves, and safety glasses), however it's reccommended if you have smaller hands to bring your own gloves. Please feel free to bring anything that makes working for you easier! This includes your own welding hood, any chairs or stools, whatever helps you get comfortable. 

Physical Space

The floors are concrete (going to be harder on joints) and there is seating available. There is water , a soda machine, and one bathroom. There are six stairs; three to get to the main door and three more to step-up into the larger shop area. If you need additional accessibility information or support, please reach out to the instructor. There is also often loud noises and dust; if you have sensitive lungs please bring a respirator! There will be earplugs as well.

About the Instructor

Cory Gabrielle works as a welder at a small production and fabrication welding shop in Seward. They've been welding for over three years and has a degree in Welding Technology and for some reason is going back to school for HVAC. They love working on ways to make information more accessibe and understandable to all, and enjoy teaching and sharing ideas. You can reach Cory through the Hack Factory metal shop email for general questions, or contact Cory directly. 

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