Covid Safety Updated 12/17/2021


  • Wearing a mask is expected of everyone who is within Twin Cities Makers facilities

  • Masks will be available in the lobby if you forget one

  • Be gracious about being reminded to mask up  

Scheduling time-slots

If you are planning on working at a busy time schedule your shop time in Clubhouse before heading off to the shop. Once you’ve scheduled that time, stick to it or cancel it. If the area you’re in is below its occupancy limit at the end of your time slot you can continue to work, but be prepared to leave if the area fills up with other scheduled members.

Walk-ins are acceptable though Reservations take precedence.

The shop areas must STAY below the occupancy limit. If you are a walk-in, and the area you would like to use is at capacity, you must leave or use another area that is below capacity.

Keeps physical distance

Try to keep at least 6ft from people in the shop who you are not there with. Be mindful of shop limits and do not overcrowd any area. If you have not reserved time in an area don’t remain in it if your presence would make physically distancing impossible.

Report noncompliance of safety regulations

If you have any questions or concerns about safety in the shop, or if you witness any member not complying with the posted regulations please report it at or email us at [email protected]

Keep hands and surfaces clean

Wash your hands, folks! That should go without saying now. Also remember to wipe down surfaces that you’ve been touching. We have sanitizer stations around the shop with both hand and surface sanitizing sprays. Check on machines for any specific instructions for cleaning.

Don’t come in if you’re feeling unwell

If you’re feeling even a little bit off, please, don’t come into the shop.

Stay connected

Please report if you test positive for COVID so we can keep our community informed. You can also download the new app COVIDaware MN to get notified if you have been near someone who tests positive for COVID-19

Remember to Be Excellent to each other!