Dues Schedule:

Monthly Membership payments are due on the first of the month.  Failure to pay in a timely fashion will result in membership benefits being cut off until payment is made.  Membership may be suspended for one or more months with notice to a member of the Board.  A member’s first month’s dues will be prorated based on their desired membership start date and payment date.  The shop is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week to all members, with the exception of limited access to certain facilities during scheduled classes or events using those parts of the space.

Monthly General Membership: $50 monthly
Monthly Student/Unemployed Membership: $25 monthly  (current Student ID or being on unemployment benefits required)

To gain access to the shop members must pay a one time space and keyfob deposit, or gain admission via another member or at scheduled open times.  If a member does not keep current with their dues and does not notify the Board of an intended lapse in membership.  A $10 per month maintenance fee will be deducted from their space deposit after the first month of lapse.  The deposit must be completed before a keyfob can be reactivated.

Key fob and space deposit: $50 one time

Typically the guests of members are prohibited from using any tools in the shop, however some folks are briefly in from out of town, or want a little help from a friend and they’d like their guest to be able to use tools.  Any Member may sponsor a Guest Member.  A Guest Member has all the privileges of full membership for 48 hours per fee.  The sponsoring member must have the Guest Member complete a Membership Agreement, see that payment is made (via electronic means, or cash or check in one of the donations box) and notify the Treasurer of the Board of Directors of the start time of the Guest Membership and where the payment and membership Agreement has been filed.

48 hr Guest Membership:  $10

New Member Bounty:
If an existing member (of at least one month prior) brings in a new person, and the new person becomes a dues paying member, the referring member will gain a bounty of ten percent of the new member’s dues each month applied to the referring members next month’s dues for up to ten months.    Only one member can gain the discount from any one referral, and the new member must identify the sponsoring member when they sign up for their first month.  There is no limit set on this, members can not save up credit (it has to be applied to the next month’s dues)  and any surplus credit can not be claimed in any other fashion.  The ten month (inclusive) limit is chronological and does not pause for lapses in the referred or referring member’s paid dues.  A skipped month of dues can not be reclaimed either in later credit or for a month after ten months from the new membership’s initial start date should either the new member or the sponsoring member skip a month in dues payments.  Multiple referrals can be active for each referring member at once.

Updated 10-27-2010