Volunteers Needed to Staff Info Booth

Jon (Wood Shop Manager) is looking for volunteers to staff an informational booth at the upcoming Tool Swap & Expo being held by the Minnesota WoodWorkers Guild Sat Oct 19, 2019 from 10am to 4pm.  If you have interest in sharing your excitement about Twin Cities Maker, please sign up for  a time slot by clicking here or emailing  We are looking for at least 2 people to staff the booth during each 1 hour time slot.



The annual Membership Meeting will be held Saturday, September 21, 2019 at Noon. We need a minimum of approximately 30 people to reach quorum, so your attendance is important. This is your opportunity to talk about organizational and shop issues that are important to you. The meeting will probably be wrapped up by 2pm, if not earlier.

Agenda items of interest:

Board Elections: Two board members will be elected to serve three-year terms on the board of directors. We are still looking for individuals interested in participating in our governing body. If you are interested in running for a board seat, please email

Dues: Our rent was raised this year. We’re going to talk about raising membership dues and would like to hear your thoughts and questions.

Payment processing: Limiting payment methods may come to a vote by the membership at this meeting, so you might want to attend.

10th Anniversary Shindig: Twin Cities Maker is officially celebrating its 10-Year Anniversary! So, we’re throwing ourselves an anniversary party following the annual meeting. We’re planning to have food, drinks, and live music. Other activities may include a show-and-tell for all your awesome projects, robot demos, and an amateur radio event.

Keep an eye out for more information! Hope to see you all there.

Wench Welding Night is Back (7/25 @ 6pm)

Wench Welding night is back at the Hack Factory! We’ll have a project and get re-acquainted with the space and machines. We’ll meet July 25th @ 6pm in the classroom space at the Hack Factory and transition to the shop! We’ll have jackets, welding hoods, and some spare gloves but if you have your own set, we encourage you to bring it!

If you have any questions, you can email

–Clara and Cory

New Donation Box & Refreshment Tray for Classroom

We have a new donation box and refreshment tray for our classroom.

Classroom Counter with new refreshment tray and donation box.

Classroom Counter with new refreshment tray and donation box.

Please remember to throw some cash in the box when you grab a drink or something to eat. Your contributions allow us to continue provide this, and other amenities for you.

Classroom update

Classroom is mostly finished and functional. The projector works for video, but no sound yet. The printer and SEM haven’t been hooked up yet. Please be patient during this remodel as we make improvements to the functionality of the space. Short term annoyances (like sound or printer) will eventually translate to long term benefits.

If you are interested in helping (like running ethernet above the ceiling), email

Also, please do not hang things on the freshly painted walls. There is a plan.

Belt sander and buffing wheels

Members, take note that our gracious former member who lent us his belt sander and buffing wheels for metal shop use took them to their new home yesterday.

Please plan accordingly for projects, keeping in mind the shop has two angle grinders that would be useful when fitted with a wire wheel or buffing wheel, easily found at Discount Steel or Harbor Freight.




Metal Shop Closed this Thursday 530pm-930pm


There will be another free Women/Trans/Femme night this Thursday from 6pm to 9pm. The Metal Shop will be closed 530pm to 930pm to prepare and clean up after this event.


All members and non-members who identify as women/trans/femme are welcome to this event, focusing on beginner-friendly welding skills.


Please wear non—flammable clothing and leather shoes. Safety gear and welding hoods will be available to use.


contact Clara for details 612-703-9211

WTF Night at the Metal Shop this Thursday!

Hey All,

Wench Welding’s WTF (women/trans/femme) night will be in the Hack Factory Metal Shop this Thursday, November 29th.

All folks, members or non-members, who are WTF folks are invited to this free event.  We will be focusing on basic welding skills as we kick off another season of Wench Welding’s awesome community building nights in the Twin Cities.

Please wear natural fiber clothing, so nothing that melts or that is your favorite thing to wear.  We will have safety gear. We may get dirty. We will have fun.

Contact Clara at or the Wench Welding Facebook page for any further info you want.

Twin Cities Maker Wishlist and Affiliate Link

This Holiday Season, Please Considering Using the Following Affiliate Link When You purchase Items on Amazon: smile  Twin Cities Maker Will Receive a percentage back from Amazon on all the Items you Purchase using this link.

Also new this year, is a Shop Wide Amazon Wish List:  Each year, we normally get a few people asking what the shop needs or wants during this season – so we’ve put together a List for all Departments.


Jon Alt

Laser update

The major issues with the laser have been fixed. Rory may need a few days to finish calibration; however, the laser should be up and running again soon. Check back soon for more updates.