Northern Spark 2013 Exibits

The Hack Factory of MN will be participating in Northern Spark 2013 with several fun projects. This page will detail these projects, and document what we are working on.

Project 1: Steel, Exquisite corpse of 

This project will focus on two main themes, trees and water/rivers.  These elements are organic, and as such can easily be influenced by outside forces- be it human, or nature.  We are looking to make this art interactive, and fun for everyone who stops by and wants to participate.

We will have three artists working on two metal sculptures over the course of the night.  In-order to bring the public in, we will be asking the participants to draw their ideas to help us complete the first piece, and start on our second piece (Time permitting).
Each sculpture will have three parts and three metal artists to complete a piece.  An artist who draws a section of the “Exquisite corpse” should also not weld that same segment.  The first two pieces will be drawn by the artists, and available to for anyone wanting to participate in drawing the last segment to complete the first piece.  We will hand out a pre-folded design that the public can contribute to by drawing the in last segment.

At the same time as the first sculpture is being created we will request people create their own three sectioned “Exquisite corpse” focused on the theme.  Once work has begun on the second section of the first piece, we will begin to review and pick a drawing that goes with the theme, and attempt to adapt the art for the medium and time we have available.

The second art piece will be started after the work on the third segment begins.  Designs for the second piece must be in by 1am, and will be reviewed and chosen based on theme, the artists abilities to recreate, and materials available.

Project 2: Siege Engines

We will have the “Foshaybuchet”, a large model of the Foshay tower in trebuchet form up and running.  This will hurl self illuminated objects across the night sky, creating a ark of light and a wall of Participatory art.

Throughout the night, we plan to work with the lack of light, and hurl water balloons filled with lights.  The light would be an LED “throwie” lights or glow sticks that are attached to magnets.  These would be targeted at a large piece of steel, where over the night a mass of light will accumulate, to turn it into a living wall of art.  We will also teach people to make the LED “throwies”, requiring only an LED, a coin batter, glue and a magnet.  We will also have smaller (kid-sized) models for the general public to play with and start to understand the concept of these basic but powerful machines.

Project 3: Firefly

We call it “Firefly” as it simulates the blinking of an individual Firefly in a large mass.  We will make a 6 foot long wall of “Firefly’s” that the public can interact with.  The idea being that outside forces (humans) will shine a flash light on the art.  The art then reacts to the light- very much how nature and eco systems work together in balance or out of balance when encroached upon by outside forces.