Located in the basement of our workshop, The Artifactory is a space for sewing, leatherworking, and other forms of crafting.

What is an Artifactory?

In its current state it is a “room of requirement” and is set up for sewing and large-format printing. Under new management means new ideas and I’ll be changing the space. Updates soon to come!!

When is Artifactory Orientation/office hours?

Please contact for office hours or orientation or reach out on Slack in #dept-artifactory. There are a few of us taking on the mantel of “artifactory management” and someone may be available a different day or time. We may also be about to guide you over email correspondence with words/videos/illustration/etc. or direct you to another member that is knowledgeable/willing to help.

Where Can I find Out What is Going on in The Shop?

Oh so many ways!

  • The White Board in the fiber room
  • The Calendar
  • Follow the Twin Cities Maker Facebook Page
  • Check out our classes and events down there you can look for Class Registration, visit our Eventbrite Page and signup for the email newsletter.

I noticed there is a Class/Event Going on in the Artifactory – Can I still work in the space?

With the spaces being so small, if you can wait please do. If you have a super tight deadline and limited time to get work done please work small and work quietly. People in the class have invested time and money and deserve us being excellent to them.

Something is broken! I did(n’t) do it!?

Put an Orange “Borked” Tag on it – and Email with what is going on. Do your best to explain all the weird things it was doing when it broke, sounds/actions/smells… everything.

What is garbage, and what is shareable scraps?

Any fiber smaller than 1 yard by 1 yard is trash, if you too have a hard time tossing materials you can keep it in your own storage space. Any fiber 1 yard by 1 yard or bigger than you want to donate can be folded and placed with the other free for all fabric. If leaving free for all fabric please label it with size, material type, or anything else you know about the fiber to help other makers identify it with out pulling it out and making a mess.

Where Does Garbage Go?

There is a big ol’ dumpster which is located outside to the right of the delivery doors in front. Little bits can go in the small can in the room but if that can is full be a pal and take it to the dumpster please.

Who takes care of fixing and preventative maintenance of all the Machines Working?

It is all of our responsibility to care for the tools we have, as this is our shop. If you know how to fix or maintain something Please Do! If you don’t know how but wanna help then come see me during office/help hours I can show ya what I know!

I’m interested in teaching a class.

Email with your proposed class…we’d love to have you teach!

What Changes are coming to the Artifatory?

I’d like to introduce clay and small metals to the TCMaker community and turn the artifactory into a small crafts space. If you have interest in using or learning these types of spaces shoot an email to and let me know! The more interest out there, the better the pitch to the board!!