Who can use laser?

The laser cutter can be used by any properly trained members of TC Maker. You must be trained and an active member to use the laser cutter.

Is it first come first serve?

No, because of the popularity of this tool, we employ a scheduling system so members can complete long running jobs without being hassled.

How much does it cost to user the laser?

We ask members to donate $5/hour for using the laser. This goes to paying for the laser’s upkeep.

When is Laser Cutter Orientation?

Please visit our Classes page to see when the next orientation will be held. If there are none posted, please reach out on our laser Slack channel.

I can’t make it to Laser Cutter Orientation.  

We run orientation nearly every week or every other week,  please wait for the next event if you can’t make the current one.

How do I reserve the laser?

If you have been trained, than you can follow these instructions.

What materials can I use in the laser?

This is covered in training, there are a number of banned and acceptable material. The most popular materials people use the laser for is wood and acrylic.

What Tools do I need to get “Checked Out On” / Training Before I Can use them?

ToolHow to Get Checked Out
Full Spectrum LaserAttend introductory orientation
Thunder LaserSpend 10 hours using the Full Spectrum laser, then attend a Thunder Laser orientation

Where Can I find Out What is Going on in The Shop?

Check out the Full Spectrum reservation calendar. Also keep an eye on the main blog. Laser outages usually warrant a front page post.

Something is not working on the laser, what do I do?

Put an Orange “Out of Order” Tag on it – and Email with what is going on.

We highly prefer that people default to putting the laser ‘Out of Order’ instead of trying to fix a non obvious problem as the laser has some very sensitive sub systems. When in doubt, put it out! (of order).

Where Does Garbage Go?

Into the dumpster on the side of the building. Please empty the bins if they are full.

How often is the laser maintained?

We try to clean the laser weekly on Wednesday evenings, though sometimes this does not happen due to scheduling conflicts.

There is a sheet next to the computer in the laser room to indicate the last time the laser was cleaned.

Who takes care of fixing and preventative maintenance of all the Machines Working?

Right now the shop manager is responsible for maintaining the Laser. If you would like to help maintain the laser you will have to be trained and commit to cleaning it from time to time, but help would be greatly appreciated! Please contact if you would like to be a laser ‘intern’.