Metal Shop

When is Metal Shop Orientation?

Check our Classes Page for the next Metal Shop Orientation

I can’t make it to Metal Shop Orientation.

If this time doesn’t work for you email to possibly arrange for a different time.

What Tools do I need to get “Checked Out On” / Training Before I Can use them?

ToolHow to Get Checked Out
WeldersEmail or take one of our welding classes.
Plasma TorchEmail or take the class.
Metal SawsAttend Metal Shop Orientation
Acetylene TorchEmail
Drill PressAttend Metal Shop Orientation
Blacksmithing ToolsEmail

Welding classes are offered at least once a month they are great way for beginners to get comfortable with welding. Check out our EventBrite page.

There other tools in the shop which can be very dangerous if not used correctly.  General rule is if you don’t know exactly how to use something, ask someone or email to schedule a training session.

Where Can I find Out What is Going on in The Shop?

To get the most out of our space, you will need to do some work to “clue into” what is going on!

You Can:

I noticed there is a Class/Event Going on in the Metal Shop – Can I work?

Depends on the class, for instance during a welding class it would be acceptable to work in the blacksmith area or vice versa. The biggest thing is that you don’t interfere with the class. This means keeping the noise down. The instructor has the right to ask you to leave or stop what you are doing if they think it is interfering with their class

A tool I’m using isn’t working right, or is making a bizarre noise, what do I do?

Put an Orange “Borked” Tag on it – and Email with what is going on.

Where Does Garbage Go?

General garbage goes in the big red trash cans. Metal scrap goes into the green drums and our scrap guy will empty them when full.

If the red trash cans are full please empty them into the dumpster outside.

Who takes care of fixing and preventative maintenance of all the Machines Working?

In general, the shop managers deal with machine maintenance however items such as replacing empty gas bottles or replacing wire in the MIG welders can be done after you attended the metal shop orientation or received training from the shop managers.

How can I help?

Track down the Metal shop manager, or email  There are always projects, maintenance, administrative tasks, and other items that need doing to keep the place running!  No matter your interest or skill level, we can figure out something for you!

I don’t know how to use a certain machine.

That is the great thing about a community shop.  Either ask the peers around you or send an email to to schedule training.

Who pays for consumables?

Please look at the donation box for the recommended donations for welding time for different welding gases. Consumables such as drill bits and angle grinder wheels are not supplied by the shop. The propane used in the blacksmithing area must be paid for by the user, see the sign in the blacksmithing area for more details. Do not bring in personal propane tanks.

I need to store materials.

Metal storage is available on the rack. Use a green parking ticket to label your items and wrapping items such as lengths of angle iron together. It is also a good idea to write your name with a marker on items in case the green tag gets torn off. Talk to shop managers before bringing in materials that do not fit in the rack, we can help find space for such items.

I want to need to store a project that I am working on.

Talk to metal shop managers depending on the size of the project we can find space in the shop or member storage (with the member storage manager’s approval.

I want to bring in a tool or equipment.

If the tool lives in your member storage cubicle then there is no issue. Otherwise, talk to the metal shop managers before bringing in a tool or equipment. In general, tools and equipment that live in the metal shop need to accessible to all members (with appropriate training).

I’m interested in teaching a class.

Email with your proposed class…we’d love to have you teach!