Wood Shop

When is Wood Shop Orientation?

Please check out our Classes page to see when our next orientation will be held. If there aren’t any classes posted, please reach out on our woodshop slack channel or by emailing WoodShop@tcmaker.org. Watch the Email distribution list or digital white board in the wood shop or TC Maker calendar for dates.

Click Here For The Wood Shop Orientation Notes

What Tools do I need to get “Checked Out On” / Training Before I Can use them?

A few tools require training before use:

ToolHow to Get Checked Out
SawStop Table SawAttend Wood Shop Orientation
Grizzly PlanerAttend Wood Shop Orientation
Drum SanderEmail WoodShop@TcMaker.org.
Grizzly and Jet LathesEmail WoodShop@TcMaker.org.

There other tools in the shop which can be very dangerous if not used correctly.  General rule is if you don’t know exactly how to use something, ask someone or email WoodShop@TCMaker.org to schedule a training session.

Where Can I find Out What is Going on in The Shop?

To get the most out of our space, you will need to do some work to “clue into” what is going on!

You Can:

I noticed there is a Class/Event Going on in the Wood Shop – Can I work?

During classes/orientations, any work should be “No Noise” work.  Excess noise from orbital sanders, tables saws, etc. make it hard for the instructor to communicate.  Be Excellent, avoid making noise.

What Machines can I use with Reclaimed Wood?

Reclaimed wood is any material that has paint/finish on it – or any material which has had metal in it.

Simple Answer – DO NOT use any machine that you can’t hold in your hand.

If you think your reclaimed lumber deserves an exception – email  WoodShop@TCMaker.org for permission or clarification BEFORE use of any reclaimed lumber.

A tool I’m using isn’t working right, or is making a bizarre noise, what do I do?

Put an Orange “Borked” Tag on it – and Email WoodShop@TCMaker.org with what is going on.

Where Does Garbage Go?

We don’t separate wood scrap or dust from other garbage – as it all goes to the same big dumpster which is located outside to the right of the delivery doors in front.  

If you’d like to take  sawdust for your stoves – go for it!

Who takes care of fixing and preventative maintenance of all the Machines Working?

It is all of our responsibility to care for the tools we have, as this is our shop.

Every first Friday of the month from 6pm to 10 pm we close the shop to perform preventative maintenance on the machines. Everyone and anyone is encouraged to come help!  Don’t know how …not a problem – we’ll teach you!

If you’d like to adopt a tool and be its primary care-taker –  contact the wood shop manager – again – training can be provided!

How can I help?

Track down the wood shop manager, or email WoodShop@tcmaker.org.  There are always projects, maintenance, administrative tasks, and other items that need doing to keep the place running!  No matter your interest or skill level, we can figure out something for you!

Shop Project List Located At:  https://tinyurl.com/ShopProjects

I don’t know how to use a certain machine.

That is the great thing about a community shop.  Either ask the peers around you or send an email to woodshop@tcmaker.org to schedule training.

Do you have <insert tool here>? Where is <insert tool here>?

To answer this question either:

  1. Attend wood shop orientation
  2. Read the tool listing which is stored in the top drawer of the filing cabinet under the window.
  3. Take the time to open every drawer in the wood shop to see what we have (seriously…it’s fun…)

Please do not Ask the Wood Shop Manager, as they’ll ask you to reread this FAQ 🙂  

I’m interested in teaching a class.

Email Events@TCMaker.org with your proposed class…we’d love to have you teach!