Messing with Itunes and Script Editor


I wrote (read “modified”) my first script for the OSX. Over all it’s not to bad, I was working with Itunes and accessing the different variable inside the program, some of them were listed in the original program that I was editing, but I needed another one. I just guessed as to what it should be called, and well, I was right so that I good, mainly because I didn’t have to look up what the variables are called in iTunes. (I am not even sure where I would find this.)

So yea, here is my program it will access Itunes and ask you what playlist you would like to export as a txt file. Then it grabs the information and writes it in the following format.
#. Artist – Name (time)
The name of the txt will be the name of your playlist, and the file saves on your desktop.

an example output:

1. Sam Austin – Off the Top Improvisation (2:49)
2. Emilio – Maria (3:50)
3. Rodney James – Better Than Aladdin’s Magic Lamp (Nat King Cole Cover) (1:45)
4. Paul Neufeld – Registro (2:07)
5. Rene – Improvised Song (2:35)
6. Ian Waner – Golden Dawn (2:18)
7. Aubrey Bolton – Sam Stone (5:30)
8. Robert – Father and Son (Cat Stevens Cover) (3:05)
9. Dave – Improvisation (1:19)
10. Travis – Home Is This Way (2:27)

Here is the script, I am calling it >>> iTunes Playlist to Text File Script <<<

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