New Year, New Wiki

The TCMaker Wiki has been overhauled! We’ve moved over to DokuWiki, cleaned out the cruft and laid the groundwork for The Future. Work continues, so expect lots of non-existent pages for a bit. More info after the jump…

New TCMaker Wiki home page.

A few notes about the new wiki:

Getting access to the wiki: Right now registration is disabled. If you’d like access please PM DanBackslide on the forum with the following:

  • The login name you want to use
  • The real name you want to appear on your edits (yes, they can be the same if you like)

I’ll set up your account and PM you back with the (randomly-generated) password.

I’m looking into getting logins integrated with either the forum or the blog. Hopefully this will be ready by Next Sunday A.D.

Namespaces: The wiki has some namespaces set up already, which you can see by following the Site Index link in the nav bar. Current namespaces are:

  • :facilities
    Information about the Hack Factory
  • :facilities:equipment
    Information about our tools and toys
  • :playground
    A place to play. Don’t put stuff here that you want to keep, it will get swept out semi-regularly.
  • :tcmaker
    Information about Twin Cities Maker
  • :wiki
    Info about the wiki itself.

Feel free to add other namespaces as you see fit.

Plugins: DokuWiki has tons of plugins available, to do all sorts of neat stuff. If you’d like to have one installed, let me know either on the forums or at a meeting. I’ll look it over and see if we can use it, or if the functionality is already there. I’ve already installed the wrap plugin, which gives formatting options for boxes, columns, alignment and such. I’ve also loaded GeSHi syntax highlighting defs for Arduino and Processing code, so you can add nifty-looking source code directly to a page.

That’s all for now — hit me up on the forums or at a meeting if you have any questions/comments.

4 thoughts on “New Year, New Wiki

  1. Excellent, thanks for getting this going, I’m interested in the API plugin that.

    Also I don’t see the 3D Prototyper content from the previous Wiki, does it still exist? My old links don’t work, does it have a new URL so we can harvest content?


  2. It doesn’t exist on the interwebz any more, but the database should still be there. I’ll talk to Brandon on Weds. to see about getting a dump of the data. I backed up the MediaWiki files before deleting them, so if I get the DB I can (in theory) get it running on my lappy.

  3. Actually, having picked through the MediaWiki config that’s what I’ll try. On Weds., my upload speed isn’t all that great at home.

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