Raspberrpy Pi 101 Classes Posted!

We have two upcoming Raspberry Pi Classes posted!

Classes start April 2nd, and April 20th.

So you want to play with a Raspberry Pi?  But maybe you haven’t been able to get one yet.  Well you’re in luck!  This class includes a Raspberry Pi, Wifi, Power, Cables, LEDs, SD Card!  This is everything you need to get the Pi going.  Don’t know what a Raspberry Pi is? Check out this article from the NYTimes.  The ticket includes $120 worth of hardware for you and the class tutorials.


Class Kit Includes:

  • Adafruit Raspberry Pi Starter Kit
  • Raspberry Pi w/512MB of RAM
  • WiFi Card
  • 4GB SD Card
  • Power Supply + USB
  • GPIO breakout board, bread board and jumpers.
  • Misc LED, buttons, resistors, etc for the lessons.

This will be a two-day class.  A laptop computer with at least 4 Gigs of space for the SD card image will be required.

Day 1) Bootstrapping your Raspberry PI (~2 hours)

  • Install Linux on your SD Card
  • Start the Pi: Boot and config process
  • How to run programs on your Pi & basic Linux intro

Day 2) Doing fun things, like Python and GPIO programing (~2 hours)

  • Setup the WiFi device
  • Python Basics, and functions.
  • Blink an LED
  • Get switch input
  • Use a photo-resistor to read light levels
  • Read data from a temperature sensor
  • Read analog inputs

BYOPI Option

If you have a Raspberry Pi board already, it must be the version that was released December 2012 with 512MB of Memory on board.  The older boards have different PIN layouts that are inconsistent with the material that I’m teaching in class, and makes for a bit of a stumbling block when doing lessons.  Additionally, all of the kits are pre-buldled with a Raspberry Pi by default, and are pre-ordered well before the class begins so we have enough stock for all students.  This means that we may have extra Pis for sale at the start/end of the class.

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