When Members Collaborate, Great Things Happen


We actually met in person at the Hack Factory Minne Faire ( coming up May 23 – 24th, 2015 ) and became friends. Having an interest in electronics, sound and manufacturing, lead us to collaborate on our current project called Synthino XM which got a Staff Pick in the Technology category on Kickstarter! Hack Factory and has been a very positive environment with tools and work space to make our project a reality. The assembly of the finished device is done completely by us here in Minneapolis, that includes surface mount component placing and IR soldering, acrylic cutting, device packaging, and fulfillment, If you have any questions about any of those steps or about running a kickstarter campaign feel free to contact us at info@synthino.com. Thanks. –Alex ( www.getlofi.com ) and Michael ( www.nootropicdesign.com )

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