There is joy in Laser-ville!

kablooiePictured at the right is our test run with the new laser power supply. On top of the coaster is the cause of the power supply failure. That’s a Fairchild Power Switch module, or rather it used to be. That little bit on the right is supposed to be the front face of the piece on the left — it’s been blown clean off. I’m figuring there was some sort of power surge on the supply line; we’ll be getting a power conditioner to protect the new (and significantly beefier) power supply.

After the power supply was swapped in, we took a bit of time to really clean out the laser cutter. In particular there was some schmutz on the focus lens which took some patience to get cleaned off.The laser is now running much better than before. In fact you might have to adjust your settings a little bit, the laser seems to be cutting and engraving with a bit more gusto!

I ordered the new water chiller this evening, after getting some funds shuffled around to cover the larger-than-expected shipping cost. So we should have a fresh water chiller soon-esque.

Thanks to everyone who helped get the power supply in and the laser cleaned up and ready for use! I have of course forgotten all of your names, because I am bad that way, so remind me who you are and I’ll update this post. Egoboo all round!

Oh, and I’ll get the Laser Cutter Basics class rescheduled ASAP. If you were registered for the canceled class, I’ll send you an email to confirm the new date.

4 thoughts on “There is joy in Laser-ville!

  1. Brian Carlson, I helped. : ) I also have that Furmann PL Plus Line conditioner. I’ll bring it in tonight and you can take a peek if you want it for the laser cutter.

  2. the laser is not coming on, I can’t find any error messages being generated by the machine or the computer. the machines electronics are working but only the guiding laser is visible. the door hinge in busted but as far as I can tell the machine is still registered that the door is closed. the exhaust suction in the machine feels weak but I cannot find any kink or clog in the exhaust tube.

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