Changes to the Machine Shop

If you’ve been to the Hack Factory over the last couple of weeks, and specifically today, you may have noticed big changes!


The Twin Cities Maker Board of Directors decided in the last meeting to sponsor a change in direction for the Metal Shop… with a more focused set of machines, lower barrier to learning, and a formal train-up process (much like the Wood Shop pioneered over the last year).


As a result, Steven Anderson has stepped down as Manager of that Area with a new community has formed to execute the above vision.  You will see that Steven has been assisting this process heavily by clearing out all the equipment that does not fit the vision.  Hence, what you will see is a much clearer space ready to be re-imagined.


Please contact me, as I’ve been coordinating this effort, if you have any interest in helping with the Metal Shop community.  I hope you are as excited about the new direction as the Board is!

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